As the stories have been told, there was a woman who lived in the Missouri Ozarks named Betty. She liked to do a bit of conjuring allegedly. Another important fact in the story is a wild razorback that used to run wild on her property. Thus began the Missouri legend of Blood Bones and Raw Head.

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There's a classic Creepy Pasta story that is a fun telling of this creepy old woman in the Ozark woods and her pig.

In a nutshell, Bloody Bones and Raw Head can be summarized like this according to Monster Fandom. She is a vengeful occult practitioner that brings back a razorback killed by hunters with only its head remaining joined to bones found so it can hunt down the hunter who killed it.

This Missouri Ozark legend is so well-known that it inspired Clive Barker's Rawhead Rex short story back in 1986 according to Villains Fandom. The Wikipedia page for Bloody Bones claims this tale goes back several centuries in England. The theme remains the same. A beast killed brought back to life by a woman with ill intentions that seeks vengeance from anyone or anything that would dare come into its woods.

If I had to guess, I would say there's someone who lived in the woods reclusively that inspired the origins of Bloody Bones and Raw Head. However, I don't plan to make that vengeful razorback mad...or else.

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