Urban legends are often just made up stories meant to scare, but there's one that is based in truth. The "body under the bed" urban legend really did happen in Missouri 20 years ago and the truth is much worse than the legend.

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Stop me if you've heard this before. A couple staying in a motel smell something strange. After a night of sleep, they wake up and find a dead body under the bed they slept on. Scary, right? This really happened in Missouri during the summer of 2003 and I can prove it.

The Orlando Sentinel shared the real life story of what happened at a Kansas City, Missouri motel on July 15, 2003. A couple checked in to The Capri Motel on a Thursday and complained to staff about a foul smell. They tolerated it for 3 days before checking out on the following Sunday. After they left, the staff checked the room and found a corpse had been under their bed the entire time. Eww.

How did the staff not find the corpse when the Missouri couple first complained?

The body was hidden by wooden panels under the bed, but the foul odor was so intense it penetrated the floorboard and tormented the couple for THREE DAYS.

Whatever happened to the Capri Motel?

As the Northeast News confirmed, the motel was demolished back in 2015.

How do we know this story isn't made up?

Not only do we have the Orlando Sentinel story, but you can read the Yelp reviews for yourself of people confirming this former Missouri motel really did have a corpse found under a bed. This really happened and it's much worse than the urban legend that grew from it.

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