The President of the Kansas City Chiefs answered questions about where his team will be playing football in the future, and the possibility of the Chiefs moving to Kansas and leaving Arrowhead in Missouri is real.

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The NFL is having their annual owners meetings and so NFL reports have a ton of access to owners, general managers, presidents, coaches, and other staff inside of the organizations they cover, and the news coming out of the meetings for the Chiefs has nothing to do with Tyreek Hill getting traded but everything to do with where the franchise will be playing in the future.

The Chiefs have called Arrowhead in Missouri home for decades and fans proudly stand by it being the best home-field advantage in the NFL and the loudest stadium in the league, but that could all change soon. According to a report from Chiefs president said the team has considered options like moving to Kansas. The article goes on to say...

"Ultimately, this could all be a matter of early jostling between the Chiefs and KCMO, as the team will almost certainly be looking for taxpayer dollars to help renovate Arrowhead or build something new on the Missouri side."

So much of the Chiefs' future depends on what sort of shape Arrowhead Stadium is in about 10 years from now when their 25-year lease ends. Also, the Chiefs have been tied for years to the Kansas City Royals and the Royals have been flirting with Kansas City seeing if there is a possibility to move closer to downtown. Read the article for yourself here! 

Let me say a couple of things here, first, I am a Bears fan and they are going through this right now with the city of Chicago and Soldier Field, teams are always trying to leverage cities to give them what they want, whether it is a new renovation budget for the current stadium or actually building them a new stadium, so this is nothing new. Second, the Chiefs will leave Arrowhead, that will happen, so Chiefs fans have to come to accept that, I don't think it will happen during the Mahomes era, but eventually, they will have a new home, they aren't the Cubs, the Red Sox, they will have to build a new home at some point. Will that new home be in Kansas or Missouri? Well, that is where the bidding will get very interesting, trust me there will be lots of flirting between the Chiefs and the state of Kansas over the next 10 years.

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