It was a busy weekend and I couldn't make it out to the ballgame. After checking my social media in the wee small hours of this morning, I really wish I had. The Quincy Gems now have their own beer, courtesy the Mark Twain Brewing Company.

Y101's Big Dog, Mr. Jeff Dorsey himself, was out at the ballpark for yesterday's home-run derby, but he unfortunately didn't happen to take a sample of this new Blonde Ale, which they had both canned, and on tap. Fortunately, you can enjoy the beer anytime, not just at the ballpark (though I do recommend heading to the park for a brew, and to catch a ballgame). According to a post on Mark Twain Brewing Company's Facebook page:

This Quincy Gems brew is also available in 6-pack cans in Western Illinois through Mississippi Belle! Keep an eye out for these commemorative cans (beginning Monday) wherever you buy local craft beer.

Upon seeing that, I promptly scoured both the HyVees, and the HyVee Liquor Store, and Wine on Broadway, all before noon, looking for it. To no avail. They may just be a little late getting it out on the shelves. Or I'll just have to make a special trip down to Hannibal to get some. But I can't wait to try it. To stay up-to-date, follow the Mark Twain Brewing Company on Facebook.

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