I admit that I don’t watch a great deal of television these days, but there are a few shows I try to catch each week.  When I do watch TV I have noticed that the language being used and apparently being accepted by viewers is enough to make Aunt Bee blush and Andy of Mayberry R.F.D. cringe.

The times have definitely changed and watching TV these days is proof.  First of all, let me say that there probably isn’t a word I have heard on TV that I haven’t used myself at some point in time, but I still sit up when I hear those words used on TV or Radio.  I guess that makes me old school I guess.

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I did read an article a few years ago that revealed that “cutting loose” a choice word once in a while might just be very therapeutic.  A collaborative study at Marist College in New York and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts revealed that people who use curse words artfully also have a wider vocabulary.

Cursing people may also have health benefits for their “foul” mouth.  A 2011 study at England’s Keele University showed that cursing reduces and aids in our ability to endure pain. I am living proof of that after shattering my tibia a few years ago after fouling a baseball off my leg in the batting cage.  Have you ever heard anyone yell out “nice” words when they are in pain?  Me neither.

That same study says not to overdue your normal cursing because it won’t be as effective when you really need it. So I am “banking” my cursing for a special need time in the future. It has made me a kinder more gentler Jeff at least until I get back in the batting cage again.


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