Sitting around with nothing to do this afternoon, I decided to type "Quincy, IL" in the search box at YouTube. Here are a few of the notable videos that came up.

The Dancing Man

The Dancing Man seems to be a pretty popular subject on YouTube. KHQA's Brook Hasch did a great profile on the Dancing Man, which can be viewed on YouTube. I enjoyed the KHQA report a lot, but to actually see the Dancing Man in real life action, check out this video from user emhart44:

"He is rocking it out." Indeed.

Quincy History

If you're interested in history, and particularly old buildings, this video from jcdeem99 is very well-done, and has a nice, old-time soundtrack, too!

Alton Brown

Alton Brown is one of those television personalities that people seem to love or hate, without much in between. I happen to enjoy him quite a bit. A few years back, Mr. Brown made a stop in Quincy, for the Food Network series 'Feasting on Asphalt.'

Videos can also be found from Quincy Raceways events, several area marching bands playing in Quincy, past Dogwood Parades, Monster Jam,Tin Dusters events, the President's visit, cup stacking, and on and on.

If you find yourself without a lot to do, search for your town on YouTube. You'll probably be surprised at all the cool stuff you'll find.

And then there's this...