A travel website released its rankings of the best lake vacations to take in the US and the rankings show there is a lake in Missouri that is ahead of the Lake of the Ozarks. Which lake is it, and what makes it better than the Lake of the Ozarks?

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Travel & Leisure released a list called the 25 Best Lake Vacations in the US, and the top entry on the list from the Show-Me State is Table Rock Lake at number 15. Now Lake of the Ozarks is on the list still, it comes in at 25th place, 10 places behind Table Rock Lake. We all know what makes the Lake of the Ozarks great, it is massive there are so many resorts, bars, restaurants, and places to explore, so why is Table Rock Lake better in their opinion? On the site they say...

"Combine catfish, cannonballs, and crooning for the ultimate stay at Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks of southern Missouri. Located on the outskirts of music-mad Branson, the lakeshore and its waterfront resorts are ideal for vacations that blend awesome outdoor recreation and classic country music. The annual Bluegrass & Barbecue Festival takes place over three weeks each spring on the Indian Point Peninsula on the lake's north shore."

The lakes at the top of the list include Lake Champlain in New York, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Crater Lake in Oregon, and more, to see the complete list of the 25 Best Lake Vacations in the US click here!

There is nothing better than a lake vacation, they are great for couples trips, friend trips, or family trips. You can drink, boat, swim, enjoy the sun, sand, and just forget about life without the hustle and bustle of traveling in a big city or at a theme park. If you are looking for a great lake getaway it makes sense to come to Missouri!

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