Small town living at its best and when I say small I mean it. There are 5 towns in Illinois that have that small-town charm and small-town population.

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Small-town living for some is the best kind of living, and I mean small towns under 500. So when a list came out with the tiniest towns in Illinois I was surprised to find that there were several of them. Sometimes people just want to be in a place where that is not a lot of commotion going on and lots of quietness.

There are advantages to living in a small town, you know your neighbors, small school districts mean more one-on-one time with teachers and students, and silence at night. I have to admit, that last one took me a while to get used to. Listening to crickets over police car sirens was a BIG difference for me.

I was really shocked to know that there are several small towns in Illinois with populations under 1,000. According to, here are the top 5 tiniest towns in Illinois:

  1. Hooppole - Population 201
  2. Shumway - Population 201
  3. Spillertown - Population 202
  4. Buncombe - Population 205
  5. Donnellson - Population 205

Kinderhook makes the list at #11 with a population of 211, and besides Kinderhook, I haven't heard of any of these towns. These might be a bit too small for some of you (I know they are for me) but that doesn't mean that they aren't worth looking into when thinking about moving to a smaller town/city.

I always said when looking for a new home a few years back, if I don't have neighbors to hear me screaming that it's not for me. But for those of you needing a more quiet and not as busy town, one of these may just be the spot for you.

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