For 2,179 days the mansion where Michael Jordan called home is still on the market. Why?

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Well, to be fair no one is buying homes right now and if they are it's not a $14 million mansion in Highland Park, Illinois. That's where you will find Michael Jordan's former home which is over 32,000 square feet, has an indoor basketball court, and a massive exercise room.

See Inside Michael Jordan's Extravagant Illinois Mansion

Gallery Credit: Katherine Malkin, Compass,

The house was in the news last year when teens were caught breaking into the basketball legend's mansion. No one knows what they were doing, but probably just wanted to see inside the G.O.A.T's home where he used to live. It's a beautiful home, but I am not sure why someone with money hasn't bought this up yet.

How Long Has this Mansion been on the Market?

The house first went on the market back over 10 years, on February 2, 2012, and listed for $29 million. So, whoever buys this now is going to get the stunning home for almost half off.

If I only have $14 million I would look at buying this. My kid would love it cause it comes with a basketball court and a massive exercise room. No one knows why this hasn't sold. Maybe it's the economy, maybe people feel it's a bit overpriced, maybe no one wants to live in Illinois, or maybe it's all the above. One can only dream of living in a house like this and more over to live in Michael Jordan's former home.

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