We may still have three games left to go in the 2016-17 NFL season (well... four if you count the Pro Bowl, but who does?), but that's it for the Kansas City Chiefs. They played a damn fine season, with the AFC West title coming right down to Week 17. They held onto it, and held it high.

Saturday's Divisional Round games between the Patriots & Texans and Falcons & Seahawks may not have been anything to write home about, Sundays games were nail-biters that could have gone either way. As a Packer fan (and avowed Cowboys hater), there were several near heart attacks during the Packers/Cowboys game. And I caught a bit of the Chiefs/Steelers game before I had to head to bed. What I saw was the start of a very good game. It's too bad the Chiefs lost due to a penalty, but it could have happened to anyone.

If the Cubs miraculous run at the World Series taught us anything, it's "There's always next year." I may be a 100% Green Bay Packer fan, and I'm rooting them on all the way to Super Bowl LI, but as a fan of the sport above all else, I'm a firm believer in having two teams, one in each conference or league. In the MLB, it's Dodgers and Tigers, and in the NFL, it's Packers and Chiefs (should the two meet in the Series or Super Bowl, make no mistake, it's Dodgers and Packers all the way).

Thanks for a great season, Kansas City, there's always next year. We'll see you back on KICK-FM on August 13th for pre-season action!


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