Brian Myles ROCKS! In the Pro Football Pick'em Challenge - he knows his stuff, beating out KHMO Sports Director Bill Shuler.

I don't rock at all. At least I broke even this week on my picks. Who would have thought that Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Detroit would have won?

Patrick McDermott, Getty Images
Patrick McDermott, Getty Images

Ok, I picked St. Louis as a "freaky upset special". Not expecting them to win, but wouldn't that be a story to tell - how I was the only one in the world who picked The Rams to beat the Cowboys in Dallas!

At least my Bears won in Pittsburgh Sunday Night.

I figured I would get help for my picks, so I visited a nationally recognized Entity known for their Sports ProgrammiNg. Not that I followed their picks to the letter, but aren't these guys supposed to be experts?

I think for this weeks picks I think I will throw darts at team helmets taped to my wall. I couldn't do any worse...

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