Because they suck. Not the person who made the list. The Patriots. They suck. "BUT BRODIE! They win a lot!" Yeah, cause they cheat. Bill Belichick cheats. Tom Brady cheats. Gronk is a [expletive deleted] idiot. The rest of the team is built around cheaters and idiots. And the one time they had a murderer.

My hate for the Patriots isn't just "Oh, you hate them because they win!" Nah, I hated them pre-Belichick/Brady when they legit sucked. Not to be a hipster on the Patriots hate, but it runs deep. Which is why I was surprised to see my current state, Illinois, only rank in the bottom teens on a list of States Ranked By How Much They Hate The Patriots. I figured my hate for them alone would tip the scales to the Top 10.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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Massachusetts and the rest of New England obviously scored at the bottom of the list, with Hawaii scoring low because if you're in Hawaii, you've got no reason to concern yourself with mainland tribalism. Florida ranked low because of all the snowbirds. But the Top 10 is littered with states who have legit claims to hate the Patriots.

Missouri is the highest ranked Tri-State at number nine, for Super Bowl XXXVI when the Patriots beat the Rams. Illinois hit number 16 because Bears fans are a contentious bunch (Go Packers!). Iowa hit number 31, but they don't really have much reason to hate on the Patriots.

At number one? Pennsylvania, obviously. Patriots and Steelers are AFC rivals, while the Patriots beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX 24-21.

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