So this is how it all comes to an end.  Friday (9/07) is my final day with KICK-FM, and I'm not completely sure how I feel about it all. Don't get me wrong, I've briefly done other things a time or three in the past, but for one reason or another, the road always brought me back to Radio.  This time feels different.

I am moving on to another job, that I am looking forward to. It's the right move for me and my family at this moment, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. On the other hand,  I'm going to miss you- our listener, who has been here with us, through good and not-so-good times. I'll admit, it's going to be different not having a hundred thousand watt bullhorn to voice my opinion on everyday, but I believe I can adjust in time.

It's kind of funny, some people have commented that radio personalities sit in a room and talk to themselves all day. Although funny and at times I've thought it might be true (that no one was listening,) it's quite the opposite. Everyday, I get to interact with you about something we both love - Country Music.  Sure, We've seen Country change through the years, but it is still, the most fan-influenced and involved genre of music out there.

When I think back about how I got started in this business, I have to think about someone giving a kid a chance to actually perform this job. Big thanks to the radio station owners  and managers for their patience. Radio has certainly changed. These days, I can't believe opening up the phone lines on a news story about Billy Ray Cyrus not wearing underwear would even come close to getting me fired. Still an unsettling thought I know,  but not nearly the impact that it had 20 some-odd years ago, when I was brought in for a "talk with the boss."

I've had the privilege of working with some really creative and fun people over the years, and I can't even begin to name them all here. I've laughed until I cried over things that happened "behind the mic," that thank goodness, you never knew about. I've also seen some pretty broken people that could pull it all together everyday, to put on the best show they could for you, even when their personal lives were in shambles. For those of you that I have over the years, worked with in sales, news or on-air, who are still working in Radio or just out of the business completely, I remember the good times and hard work we shared. Thanks for letting me learn from you.

For one reason or another, it always seemed that Jeff "Doc" Holliday and I ended up working together.  I first met him back in '93 or so, and we've spent the better part of the years since, working together in one job or another. I am fortunate to know Doc, or Jeff, as I call him, not only through our radio lives but personally as well. We are truly "brothers from different mothers," and he's my best friend. We've had more on and off-air adventures than either of us probably could count over the years. Jeff, thanks for the memories.

So here's the deal. KICK-FM will continue on, as it has for the past 31 years, as your source for Country.  It will change and grow, but at it's roots, it's still YOUR station. It's been my honor to be a small part of the team that helped build it and present it to you.

If you allowed me - via your radio, into your home, car, business or tractor or in general, your life, over the past years I am humbled.  God bless. Thank you and goodbye.

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