When you think about Country Music obviously you think about Nashville...BUT Missouri shouldn't be too far away from the top of that list, and here is why.

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Country Music has always had strong southern roots, but there is a lot more to the country music story than just Nashville, Tennessee. I found this fascinating article on a website called visittheusa.com that examines hot spot places in the United States for country music and to my surprise Missouri makes the list twice!

In the article they obviously talk about the importance of Nashville, along with some of the other places we know are influential for country music like Owensboro, Kentuck where bluegrass has its roots, plus Bakersfield, California where legends like Merel Haggard developed his sound. But then the article mentions two places in Missouri, St. Louis, and Branson. I always thought of St. Louis as a blues town but in the article they say...

"The big bang of alterative country took place a half-mile southeast of St. Louis in 1990, when Uncle Tupelo (which later spawned Wilco) released “No Depression,” a set of songs that married traditional country to indie and punk rock."

I had no idea that alternative country's roots started in St. Louis! As for Branson, the article raves about the city itself as a destination but also as a place where country music is performed constantly with the Grand Country Music Hall and other venues, check out the article for yourself by clicking here! 

Country Music and Missouri seem to go hand in hand, and to be honest the growth of country music appears to be spreading far and wide across the USA its not just a southern thing anymore.

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