Sorry, Imo's you may be the top dog in St. Louis, but when it comes to where to find the best pizza in the Show-Me State you have to head to a tiny town in the center of the state.

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According to the Missouri's Best 2022 Awards, the best pizza in all of Missouri is at a place called Calgaro's Family Pizzaria in Cole Camp, Missouri.

Your first question is probably "Where is Cole Camp, Missouri?" well, Cole Camp is located in the center of the state in Benton County, about 2 hours south and east of Kansas City. According to Wikipedia, Cole Camp is home to roughly 1,100 people and was the site of an early civil war battle.

So back to the pizza, Calgaro's Family Pizzaria has a website that you can check out by clicking here! On the site they say...

"One of the best pizzas you'll ever eat, if not the BEST!"

And their menu looks incredible, the menu consists of items like the Spinach Calzone,  Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, Hot Wing Pizza, and even Meatball subs and Chicken Parm sandwiches.

Now full disclosure, I have never eaten at Calgaro's Family Pizzeria, but it is now on my bucket list of Missouri restaurants to dine at. If a small-town place like Calgaro's can beat out all of the big-time pizza places in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia to be voted the best pizza in the Show-Me State then it must be incredible. The only hard part will be choosing what to order when I finally get there!

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