That mad month of March is upon us once again, when our collective attentions turn toward college basketball. But there are plenty of people out there who have no real passion for the sport, nor do we particularly care for filling out that bracket. One thing we all love, though, are delicious, delicious tacos. So we're trying to find the best tacos in Quincy/Hannibal. Now through Taco Tuesday April 3rd, join us in voting on the Best Taco Bracket.

We've picked 16 of the most popular tacos in the area. Last year we broke the burgers down into four "regions" like they do with the OTHER bracket, but at 16 competitors, we just decided to simplify that process. It's a free for all. Vote for your favorites during each voting period, and we'll open the new rounds once we have our winners.

Voting Schedule:

Taco Bracket - Championship Round
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