Apparently the goose has a name and is 40 feet am I just finding out about this thing?!?

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I am a complete sucker for the weird, wild, and wacky things that towns do to separate themselves from other towns (heck I was the guy who suggested that Macomb, IL become the Monopoly capitol of the world click here!). Which is why I am going to make plans to head to a small town in Missouri called Sumner to check out Maxie the World's Largest Goose.

According to Maxie is a giant goose sculpture, that is located in Sumner (to see pictures click here!) and it gives Sumner, Missouri the title of "Wild Goose Capitol of the World", Maxie is 40ft tall and on the site they say...

"This giant bird was first installed back in 1976 and even though she is made of fiberglass, she actually flew in to her current spot with the help of a helicopter. Even at 4,000 pounds, she takes flight a bit when the wind is strong enough, turning ever so slightly...Sumner sits along a migration path which sees a large number (around 100,000) of wild geese land in the local lakes each year, attracting a number of hunters."

I also found out that just recently there was an effort made to raise money to restore Maxie, according to an article on, they said...

"Fundraising began for Maxie back in 2017 with a goal of $50,000. To this point, they've raised more than $70,000 to rebuild Maxie and they're hoping to have the project completed by late October."

So at this point if you're like me you have already Google mapped how far away Sumner, Missouri is from where you live, and if you are like me and live in Quincy, Illinois then Sumner is just about 130 miles away, and will take you only 2 hours to get there! Road trip anyone...?

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