The experts are saying if you want to have the BEST summertime experience in Missouri you need to choose the Springfield area over St. Louis and Kansas City, here is why...

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Forget about making summer plans to travel to Kansas City or St. Louis, if you want the best summer experience apparently, you have to go to the Springfield, Missouri area. Don't take my word for it, WalletHub just released its 2023's Best Summertime Travel Destinations, and Springfield, Missouri finished 10th on the list only behind places like Orlando, Atlanta, Hawaii, and Chicago. On the site they say...

"WalletHub developed a ranking of the cheapest U.S. destinations that are also the easiest to reach. In total, we analyzed 100 of the largest metro areas across 41 key indicators. Our data set ranges from the cost of the cheapest flight to the number of attractions to the average price of a two-person meal."

So why is Springfield ranked so high on this list? Well, Springfield comes in as the 4th cost-friendly, hassle-free place to travel to in the US, and it is the 5th cheapest place to travel to. Plus, if you factor in it is ranked 27th on their list for weather you can start to see why it lands so high on this list. Kansas City does rank 74th on the list, and St. Louis comes in much closer to the top at 21st, to see the complete list click here! 

I will add that they specifically say the Springfield, Missouri Metro Area is ranked 10th in the US, not just the city of Springfield. If you ask Wikipedia about the Springfield Metro Area that area includes the Ozarks, so it starts to make even more sense why Springfield is ranked so high on the list. The Lake of the Ozarks absolutely by itself should be considered one of the 10 best places for a summertime trip in the US.

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