Yesterday, while trolling the internet, we noticed several job postings for Ruby Tuesday in Quincy, and wondered if the restaurant was going to re-open. Well, after doing a little more digging, we have an answer for you.

Unfortunately, it's a no. The Quincy Ruby Tuesday is NOT reopening. This is the response we received from Grayson James in their Training and Development office after we inquired about the recent Quincy job postings:

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention. There are no plans to reopen the Quincy location at this time. We are working on removing these positions now.”

The glimmer of hope we had for reopening the restaurant is no more. There is also no plans in the future to reopen the Quincy location. So if you were hoping to taste once again their endless garden bar and cheddar biscuits, your hope is shattered. If you need your Ruby Tuesday fix, the closest location to Quincy is in Kirksville, Missouri

The Quincy location closed in May of last year and the ten remaining Illinois restaurants were closed shortly thereafter. In August, the company announced that an additional 95 locations nationwide would be closing.