When I think of the "next big thing in burgers," my mind begins and ends with the Arch Deluxe. It was a great burger that was poorly marketed, and since 90s nostalgia is so hot right now, we're primed for a comeback. Hashtag fight me!

But now Sonic is looking to take things even bigger. EVEN NEXTIER (It's a word... look it up. No don't look it up, it's not a word. I lied)! And it involves fungus.

Mushrooms Thrive In Wet German Summer
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Specifically mushrooms, which are already delicious, especially when sauteed with onions and smothered in Swiss cheese and then put on a burger. But this involves putting the mushrooms directly in the patty. This is a new thing that his been taking the fancier corners of the culinary world by storm, and could eventually be a game changer in fast food. Sonic is poised to start a fast food revolution.

The concept is simple, as laid out in this FoodBeast article. Instead of 100% beef patties, they become a 70-30 mix of ground beef and ground mushrooms. The benefits are that the mushrooms don't take anything away from the juiciness or flavor of the beef, but reduce the fat and sodium content, and cut the caloric value of the burgers. Making them an indistinguishably healthier change in the formula.


So if you're like me and absolutely love burgers, but hate that even the healthiest chain or fast-food burger isn't all that healthy, this is a step closer to burger heaven. Which now that I read out loud, is probably a bad choice of words. But I'm sticking with it.

I will definitely be making a special trip for these magical 'shroom burgers.

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