Hey college grads, are you looking for that right internship to get your foot in the door of a major company? Do you also kinda want stay somewhat close to home this summer? Then get your resume into Mars-Wrigley in Chicago, because you could be their next Confectionery Connoisseur Intern!

They're calling it the "World's Sweetest Internship" and they're looking for grads aged 21 and over, with "the mindset of a kid in a candy store" to learn the ropes in media and marketing for their brands, including M&Ms, Skittles and Snickers, among many others. And seriously, don't let the "intern" part scare you. It's paid. And you get a hiring bonus of one year's worth of free candy! Which you're gonna share with the guy who told you about this opportunity. Right? RIGHT?!

From the job posting on their site, their ideal candidate should:

  1. Distinguish all five fruity flavors from the Skittles rainbow in a blind taste-test
  2. Demonstrate the will power to write about and photograph candy without eating it before the work is complete
  3. Blow bubbles with chewing gum that are greater than 5” in diameter
  4. Be a strong entrepreneur and self-starter, preferably someone who isn’t afraid to ring every doorbell in every neighborhood on Halloween

Is that you? Is that someone you know? Apply! Now! Don't miss this opportunity to be the Candy Man! The Willy Wonka Candy Man, not the knife-wielding murderous demon Candyman. HUGE difference. I doubt there are internships for the latter.

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