Earlier this year we started kicking around the idea of Uber in Quincy and Hannibal. For those unfamiliar, Uber is the increasingly popular rideshare app where you call up a random person who has a car and ask them to take you places. It's an open source taxi service. Uber, and their competition Lyft, would actually do well in Quincy/Hannibal, two towns big enough to require a car to get places, but seriously lacking in the taxi department (though shoutout to the bus system).

Then we started hearing rumors of Uber making its presence known in Hannibal. It's difficult to confirm for us, as we are technically in a separate market, and we'd have to schedule a ride to make sure, which none of us at the KICK studios want to do lest we face the cancellation fee.

But a curious bit of info DID pop up on a crowd-sourced site attempting to stay on top of Uber rates. There is a listing for Uber rates in Hannibal. Likewise, there are no current listings in Quincy.

Can anyone confirm the existence of an Uber in Hannibal?


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