Here is who I think will win the Big Game on Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Super Bowl is finally upon us, after a season that will always be remembered for the difficulties due to COVID-19, the NFL proved they could make it to the end of the year and get to the Big Game on time. No one is surprised by the fact that the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs are back in this game, but after an up and down season first season for Tom Brady in Tampa that saw the Bucs get a Wild Card spot, me and many others didn't see them making it to the championship game. But the Bucs are here and they are at home, which has never been done before, which is certainly a big advantage for Tampa, and they will need all the help they can get against KC.

There are some big matchups to watch out for in this game, the one I feel like that can determine the outcome of this game is the Chiefs banged up offensive line, against the healthy talented Bucs defensive line. The Bucs are in this game because their defensive line went to Green Bay and DOMINATED the Packers beat up offensive line, and were able to get after Rodgers. For the Bucs to beat the Chiefs they need to do that to Mahomes, but that alone wont beat the Chiefs. They also will need to dominate the time of possession, not by running the ball, but by efficient short passes that move the chains, enough of those will open up the big run plays for Jones, and more importantly will open up deep passes for Brady to go over the top to Evans, Godwin, and Brown. BUT even if they are able to sack Mahomes 4 plus times AND dominate possession, they will still need to get a big special teams break, and win the turnover battle. I GUARANTEE that if the Buccaneers are able to do ALL of the things I mentioned they will win SBLV....but....

They wont.

The Chiefs have the opportunity to continue to build upon a legacy that is unique, a team that can never be out of a game no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. Mahomes is a special as we all keep saying he is, and he has an unstoppable set of weapons in Hill, and Kelce. Plus the Chiefs have the edge in coaching, Andy Reid is making his case to be put up into the top 5 coaches of all time, and is certainly the best offensive coach of my lifetime. I think Mahomes has a big day, and the defense makes 1 or 2 plays to give the offense the ball back in easy scoring opportunities.

Betting against the GOAT Tom Brady is never a smart idea, but it's just as dumb to bet against Mahomes and the Chiefs, this game will be high scoring and tight through 3 quarters, but the Chiefs will pull away after a bad Brady interception late, and hold on to win the game 36-31. Who do you think will win?

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