I get it. I take point on the morning show, so sometimes Sam's mind wanders when she's "not needed." Though if she's reading this, Sam, you're always needed. Your presence is a delight in the morning. But somehow her mind wandered way off course in a matter of just 20 seconds, providing disastrous and hilarious results.

You see, last night it news broke that Harry Anderson passed away. The morning trivia question was to be what you hear in the below audio, "What sitcom did he play Judge Harry Stone?" I thought in a fun nod and hint, I'd play the Night Court Theme in the background. So I stated the news item of Harry Anderson's passing, Sam and I chit-chatted about it real quick, then 20 seconds of me asking the question, giving the phone numbers, then restating the question. In that time, Sam completely checked out, so when she snapped back to reality, heard the Night Court theme, all she could say was "I used to watch Night Court with my parents!" Which is a fun anecdote. Except it's the answer and we hadn't taken any calls yet. Hear the full audio below.

Do note that I trimmed out the phone numbers, so as presented here, it's less than the previously stated 20 seconds, but in the original live broadcast, it was 20 seconds. But I think Sam's learned a valuable lesson: Always pay attention.

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