If there ever was a time for me to be a pirate, now would be it. The American Queen Riverboat Cruise had to make an unexpected port... dock... whatever in Quincy's Clat Adams Park, after river levels were too high for it to dock in Hannibal as it was expected to.

Courtesy Kelsey Deters

The ship is expected to stay over night, and the nearly 180 passengers will now be exploring the Gem City. I have it on good authority that two organizations helped facilitate transportation to bring the passengers to the downtown area, so big props to the Good Samaritan Home and Arts Quincy for helping get buses to the park so if the passengers.

There is growing support among some people to reopen the riverfront to boats and cruise ships of this nature, in an effort to boost tourism to the Gem City. If that movement ever needed something to prove their point... it's that. Like... seriously. Look at all those people. Look at how beautiful the riverfront looks with that ship there.

Courtesy Kelsey Deters

Now, my desire to be a pirate is well documented. I've written about it over the years. It's in my personal Instagram bio. I drink a lot of rum. So I think this would be a prime time for me to commandeer the ship and set out for so good old fashioned swashbuckling. I'll of course let the passengers off, and let them take their belongings. Maybe not the valuables. Pirate's gotta have a treasure, after all.

But any self-help guru motivational speaker will tell you, "Hey, when opportunity knocks, and it's your dream career, answer the damn door." Sooooooooo Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.