As we close out another April that was for some reason rescheduled to February this year, we have already shattered an 85 year old high temperature record. In 1932, February 28th registered at a balmy 68 degrees, but as of 1:43 this afternoon, we've hit 71 according to the National Weather Service, on our way to a high of 75.

This marks the 4th record breaking day this month, with the 17th, 19th and 20th all shattering old records, and several days coming within just a few degrees of the standing record. The current oldest record high is from 1911 at 69 degrees.

The oldest recorded February extreme temp is from 1903, when it hit -18. While the lowest record low is -29 in 1905, and the highest record high is 77 from this year.

Is it too early to start playing my favorite 90s era commercial yet?

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