Gary Levox, lead singer of Rascal Flatts, made a surprise appearance at Quincy’s Farm and Home Supply store on Tuesday. The store shared a photo of Levox, decked out head to toe in camo, with a couple of adoring store employees.

A quick search of Gary’s Twitter account reveals that apart from having the voice of a damn angel, he’s a hell of a shot with a bow and arrow too. I imagine his local taxidermist has taken many a vacation on Levox business alone.

Pretty cool of him to take the time to pose for a photo. It seems every year we’ll hear of one or two celebrity sightings in the area (usually hunting related, of course). Heck, people are still talking about Luke Bryan’s Walmart stop a few years back (although we’re still wanting pics, people!) So since you never really know who you’ll run into, keep your eyes open…especially since they might be in camo and a bit harder to spot.

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