I don't know who to call in on this one. Robert Stack with Unsolved Mysteries? Dean Cain with Ripley's Believe or Not? Hell, I'd call in Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters if I was sure they wouldn't just blow up the Walmart to prove a point. But did Luke Bryan visit the Hannibal Walmart 6 years ago on Black Friday?

We have never once be able to verify it. No pictures, and you know the old golden rule: Pics or it didn't happen. That's like... Greek? Maybe Chinese or possibly in the Bible? Something ancient. Anyway, pics or it didn't happen. And we've never seen pics of one Thomas Luther Bryan, aka Luke Bryan, at the Hannibal Walmart.

The first we heard of this was obviously way back in 2012 when Mandy Taylor posted on our Facebook that he was there:

The comments were obviously littered with people asking for pics, or making jokes about it, but one guy seemed to corroborate that Luke Bryan was in town, with a sighting at Aldis:

But outside of those two references to him being in town... we couldn't find anything saying he was there. Until back in July. When this got mentioned again when we asked on Facebook, "Who is the most famous person you've met?" And this brought in a third person, not Mandy who originally made the post, and not Jason who backed up the claim, but now it's Jody who's saying she met him there at Walmart, with her confirming that she received a text from Jody about the Luke Bryan sighting as it happened.

Obviously we need some answers to this. So I took to twitter, based purely on this comment from the original thread back in 2012.


That comment was made on Sunday the 25th, two days after the sighting. So if he was in town, let me check his social media see where he was. The first search of just "Luke Bryan + Hannibal" didn't give me much. Just a bunch of tweets from fans around that time who were speculating if it was him or not. But then I did an advanced search on just tweets from Luke Bryan sent out in November of 2012, and got this, from the 24th, the day after the sighting:

That's him hunting in Iowa. It doesn't say where in Iowa. But he does tag TheCrushTV, which is Crush with Lee & Tiffany, a hunting show on The Outdoor Channel, and they film the show on their massive property in Southeast Iowa near the small town of Salem, which is just a quick hour and a half drive away.

So maybe he was on his way up there for a holiday hunting trip (this was Thanksgiving weekend) and stopped off to shop an amazing toy deal at the Hannibal Walmart.

It's just the lack of pictures that's not fully pushing me over. It was 2012, we're well into the smartphone era. I was on my third by that point. Where are the pics? I get that absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence. But there should be a pic.

I guess the only way we'll ever know is if either someone comes forward with a pic, or Luke Bryan confirms it himself.

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