I am not a big fan of swimming in places where I can't see the bottom. Lakes, ponds, and rivers, but the newly named best swimming hole in Missouri does look like a fun place to visit.

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If you like swimming in those places, well one of the best swimming holes is right here in the Show-Me State. Travel & Leisure just put together a list of the best swimming holes in America and named Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park swimming hole one of the best in the nation. You can find this state park in Middle Brook Missouri and not only does it offer swimming, but you can hike, fish, camp, and enjoy other fun activities.

I have heard of the park, but never the swimming hole. I would visit this place but I just can't get behind not being able to see the bottom of the lake and what else is in the lake (snakes, fish, other creatures.)

The website says,

Look around while taking a dip, and you'll find yourself surrounded by the more than one billion-year-old rocks that remain in the area after volcanic activity created the shallow pools. The park is also home to a series of hiking and equestrian trails that make for a memorable day of exploration after your swim.

There are some amazing, stunning places to visit if you like this sort of thing. You know swimming in non-chlorine pools

As beautiful as these places are I think I will stay in the pools.

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