I love animals. Grew up with many dogs and have never gone hunting. (I was always afraid the deer would steal my gun and come after me)  But, thanks to my new diet routine, animals fear me.  Welcome to the world of low-carb food.

Life at a radio station can make it tough to diet.  Our sister station has so many donuts brought to them, I swear they must bleed icing.  Plus, dieting at station meetings to many here means "only one pizza per person".

Here's what I consider to be a delicacy now.  Low carb chicken nuggets...

The nice things about low carb chicken nuggets is if you ever lose a lug nut off your vehicle, you have replacements right there on your plate.

Here's "wild man Kent" with another "yummy" recipe for "Big Mac Pie".  Think about that phrase for a second..."Big Mac Pie".  McDonalds has nothing to worry about.

If you see me driving down highways 57, 61 or 172 and you see cattle move away from the fence...you'll understand why.  I am the killer of cows...the low carb disc jockey.  Fear me, Porky!

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