Good luck trying to catch this little Missouri pig. Her name is Daisy and a new video share shows that she moves faster than greased lightning.

Daisy's owners shared a bit of backstory about what makes this little piglet go:

Daisy, the mini pig gets the zoomies and will get so much built-up energy that she literally runs from room to room over and over again, sliding around corners and occasionally will bark. She will then stop and take a nap and do it all over again about 2 hours later

Do you doubt Daisy has the zoomies? Just watch her go...

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The internet seems to love Daisy. Here are some of my favorite YouTube comments:

Jamie Boy - "Tokyo drift out here"

Kathleen Tyson - "It knows the Fourth of July is just around the corner ,so,it’s practicing it’s get away"

Trulylatino - "Burning calories, after all, you don't want to get a pork-belly."

My grandma had plenty of livestock including pigs. She never brought them into her house that I'm aware of. Perhaps she didn't want her living room turned into a drag strip.

It would be at this point when I would normally make an awkward comment about bacon, but in this case I'll keep my mouth shut and appreciate a piglet who would likely win any race she's entered in. Zoom.

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