I could have saved this person a ton of time. A fancy new map declares that (*wait for it*) we have a lot of cows here in the tri-states. Yes, someone really devoted time out of their day to figuring this least surprising news ever out.

Listen. I'm as much a fan of neat maps as anyone and my grandmother was a dairy farmer. I love maps and cows. But, did we really need this? You decide.

It gets better. A part of this engaging conversation about cows on Reddit also included a map showing we're about to be overtaken by a zombie herd of pigs, too.

The most entertaining part about this information isn't the map, but the comments on Reddit. Here are some personal favorites:

mwing95 - "Each state seems to be separated by a line of cattle so dense it can't be crossed"

kenji-benji - "Disappointed when I read this as Castle density."

Pimmelberger_1234 - "Can we please have a map of CO2 emissions next to it?"

I knew it was only a matter of time before cow gas was mentioned.

The person who shared the original map also included details about how this map was created:

This county map shows the cattle density of each US county as a ratio of cows per acre. These numbers include both beef and dairy cattle.

So they used actual cow science? I am impressed. Check out the full Reddit post if you'd like to be enthralled with more bovine information that you likely already knew.

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