One of my favorite houses is off the market, and the new owner is looking for help to restore it back to its original glory.

If you'll recall, the Meriam Mansion in Quincy was recently all over the internet when it went on sale for a seemingly reasonable $149,000. I had my own Fixer-Upper-inspired plans of what to do with it had a bag of money fallen into my lap, but no such luck.

Anyway, the new owner, Wade McClure is all about his new investment and is looking to do a full on renovation (maybe he'll take some of my suggestions). He's set up a Gofundme to cover some of the expenses and looks like people are already stepping up. I guess there are a lot of you that, like me, would love to see the house restored.

"I've spent my life savings to save the historic Meriam Mansion in Quincy Illinois. Now I am looking to raise money to get her restored to her former glory," he writes. Right now McClure is just looking for money to start cleaning the inside of the mansion. He is estimating that rental cost for dumpsters will range between $500 and $600.

I certainly wish him the best, I can't wait to see this house fully restored. I would love to take a peek inside so I can get a before and after look. This house, now more than 100 years old, certainly needs a lot of work and it's a huge undertaking. If you'd like to support his mission, CLICK HERE.