It's been *checks back stories* HOLY CRAP! Exactly three months to the day since we found out the beloved Krazy Cakes was suddenly closed and for sale. It was a shocking thing to find out that morning, and it took a while to come to terms with. And then, exactly one lunar cycle ago, we found out Krazy Cakes would be re-opening under new ownership at sometime in the "near future." That was vague enough to grab our interest and give us hope that we'd soon be back up and running with our coffee and oh so delicious baked goods. In the words of Dante Hicks from Clerks, I assure you, they're open. I have photographic evidence:

Krazy Cakes Re-Opens

So there we have it. Krazy Cakes is back in our lives and we're all better for it. No longer shall we suffer not having a bacon topped French toast muffin. Nevermore shall we fear going to work improperly caffeinated. Something lofty and poetic about cakes goes here. I got distracted by the thought of the bacon muffin. I'm out of creative juices now. All I can focus on is that muffin... SOMEONE GET ME A BACON MUFFIN! YOU! READING THIS! GO FORTH! PROCURE ME A BACON MUFFIN!

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