FRIENDS - Bailey's Coffee Shop and Fudge Shop

There may not be a couch, but the cast of Friends I could see at Bailey's Coffee & Fudge. There is even room for Phoebe to play her guitar.

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CHARMED - Revelry

A show about magical sisters with one of them, Piper, owning a bar. Revelry is the perfect place where the sisters could hang out meet guys and talk about their magical powers, and demons of course.

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GOSSIP GIRL - Yellow Kiss Boutique

The cast of Gossip Girl were not just about stabbing each other in the back, but most importantly fashion. And if the cast wanted to be up to date on the latest fashion Yellow Kiss Boutique would be their first stop place to shop.

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Not only could Lorelei and Rory Gilmore get their coffee fix at Krazy Cakes, but they could also get their sweet tooth fix as well. (Finger crossed Netflix brings back another season)

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GLEE - Quincy Community Theater

This one was easy, QCT puts on great shows for all ages throughout the year and I can see the cast of Glee hanging at Quincy Community Theater maybe to sing Journey. Hey, it could happen.

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STRANGER THINGS - Underdark Comics & Games

Underdark Comics & Games a perfect place for the kids of Stranger Things to play Dungeons & Dragons. Also, they might explore the upside down too.

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Share in the comments on where you think your favorite TV show characters may hang out in Quincy.

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