There is a new (and maybe even fun) way to order your food at McDonald's in Quincy.

The new kiosk ordering system is now available at the Quincy McDonald's located at 3201 Broadway (the Quincy Mall). You can also order though the mobile app and even get curbside delivery.

There was a ribbon cutting that took place a few days ago to debut the new ordering service. McDonald's restaurants across the country have been introducing the new way of ordering for the last few years.

For those who are in a hurry, or just need to grad food on the good this new way of ordering is made for you. This new ordering system will not take any jobs away which is always positive.

I have only used one ordering kiosk at Panera and its an easy process and simple. So I am hoping that the new kiosk at McDonald's is just as easy. The McDonald's at 13th and Broadway introduced the kiosks earlier this year and there is no word yet on if the McDonald's located at 48th & Broadway will be getting kiosks. But we will keep you updated!