With groceries costing so much over the last couple of years, it really hurts to know that of the 7 cheapest grocery stores in the US only one of them is in our Tri-State area...

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According to US News, we here in the Quincy/Hannibal area only have one of the 7 cheapest grocery stores in the US, and that is Aldi. Aldi is ranked as the most affordable grocery store, according to the US News article, so at least we have that going for us.

The other grocery stores on the list are Woodman's Market at number 2 followed by WinCo Foods, Lidl, Market Basket, Grocery Outlet, and Costco. I have never heard of most of these places, but I have been to Woodman's there was one in a town close to where I grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and it was terrific! It is employee-owned and my dad would go there all the time for big shopping trips to save money. Also, before Target was confirmed to be coming to Quincy in the old K-Mart location, Costco was rumored to be taking over that spot and I was one of the few people pushing for Costco over Target.

What makes Aldi so affordable? On the site they say...

"ALDI is a discount grocery store with German roots dating back to 1961. Over the past 50+ years, however, the company opened more than 2,000 stores across 39 U.S. states. It aims to offer a no-frills shopping experience with hand-selected, high-quality products and low prices."

They do mention that Aldi has over 2300 stores and is in 39 states which is wayyyy more than any other place on this list.

I think it is great to have Aldi and I do a lot of shopping there and Sam's Club, and while it would be nice to have more affordable options in towns across the Tri-States, new stores here won't matter if inflation stays as high as it is...

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