Deer season is underway in the Land of Lincoln, and an outdoorsman posted this video of a GIANT buck only yesterday roaming the fields in Illinois. Could this be the biggest buck currently in Illinois?

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I can honestly say I don't think I have ever seen a buck like that before, and what is really cool to me about this YouTube video from Cedar Ridge Whitetails LLC is that it was posted on October 6th, 2021 just yesterday! So this giant is currently out there roaming around the Land of Lincoln, which is exciting and also terrifying because I'd much rather know that some bow hunter gets to claim this beast for their wall as opposed to me having to go out truck shopping for a new truck after accidentally hitting this thing on the highway.

If you stick around to watch the entire about minute-long video towards the very end you get a surprise when the camera zooms back out and you see this big buck is only a couple yards away from another large buck with giant antlers. It is hard to tell where this video was shot, and the YouTube channel doesn't give any sort of description about where they are located in Illinois except for the fact that they are located in Southern Illinois, which for someone like me who grew up in Chicago means anything south of I-80!

If you are a hunter here in the Tri-States we would love to see the videos of the animals you find while you are out! Reach out to us through the KICK-FM website, App, or Facebook page.

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