I've never witnessed anything quite like this before. A harrowing video shared by a hunter shows the moment that a huge buck decided to charge leaving him with serious injuries after he decided not to shoot.

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This is a red stag (aka red deer). As Wikipedia says, this is one of the largest deer species on Earth. The hunter's video is short, but intense. He knows the buck is there and approaching. What he doesn't know is that the big red deer has decided to inflict serious harm.

NOTE: the hunter suffered serious injuries which are fortunately not shown in the video.

These bucks sometimes weigh over 500 pounds and this big guy put all of it into his attack. The injuries suffered by the hunter were gruesome, but amazingly he didn't pass out. The buck hit his head with his antlers. One of the antlers broke his left eye socket. He bled for 10 minutes before being able to get up and seek help. He ended up in the hospital for a month and had two surgeries.

He was not sure that he had a tag for this stag and decided not to fire which nearly led to his death. That's quite a sportsman that's willing to accept being on the wrong end of a furious stag attack and not defend himself.

I'm used to seeing bucks flee when they are aware of a hunter's presence. Seeing one throwdown an attack like this is both horrifying and a teachable moment about how the tables can turn quickly when you're in the wild.

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