Some things you just have to see to believe. This is one of those things. A brand new video share shows an Illinois man flying down a busy roadway in a teeny tiny little car.

Here's how the lady who captured the video explained what she saw:

I was chilling in the parking lot and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I just knew something was not right. I said if he puts gas in this car and drives off, I’m going to fall out. We’ll I didn’t fall out because I had to drive behind him and record this event

If you think I'm making up the Illinois part, wait for it. He even has Illinois plates on this tiny little juggernaut.

So many questions. First of all, I want a little car like that. That thing can get up and go. Second, how did you get that plated? Oh, wait. This is Illinois we're talking about. I forgot.

You can't see me, but I'm standing up and applauding right now. I seriously am. Well done, sir.

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