As COVID cases continue to increase in the Tri-State area, the CDC has broken down the highest counties in each state. Here's the results for Illinois and Missouri.


Basically, EVERY county in Illinois is considered "High" levels of COVID transmission. There are only five counties that are considered "Substantial," and they are Carroll County, Jo Daviess County, Lee County, Putnam County, and Stark County.  You can take a look at the CDC's breakdown of each county and state to keep updated on COVID cases. To keep track on the COVID cases in Illinois in our immediate area, you can see all that information on the Adams County Health Department's website. The site is updated daily.


Missouri is almost a replica of Illinois where every county except two are considered “High" levels of COVID transmission. The only two counties that are "Substantial" are Schuyler County and Scotland County and that's it. All other counties are high in COVID cases and it seems to be increasing every day. COVID case numbers are also reported daily by the Marion County Health Department if you would like to be updated on cases in Missouri.

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With school starting in Illinois this week and Missouri next week I hope there is not a surge in cases involving kids. We can all hope for that. Just be careful, be kind, and stay updated on information that seems to be changing day to day in our area.

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