This 5-bedroom and 11-bathroom house is a dream home, especially if you love going to the movies.

All I can think of when I see pictures of this house is King Arthur and from the photos you can see why. The outside looks like a castle, the kitchen table looks like his round table, but the movie theatre may not fit into his era, but that shouldn't stop you from watching all the King Arthur movies out there. The 15,800 square foot home is listed for $5.4 million in the St. Louis area, you just have to wonder if it belongs to a St. Louis Cardinal.

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Even in the property details of the house on is described as a designed home created to mirror the 18th century castle look. See I told you, King Arthur.  It even has a driveway that looks like a courtyard (ok I need to stop watching 18th Century movies). The house comes with a five-car garage, a spiral staircase (not made out of stone) a backyard to enjoy piece and quit and go swimming, and just overall of worth every penny of the $5.4 million.

I love these big mansions, castle looking houses. The only problem is you have to buy furniture to fill all the rooms, and nice expensive furniture mind you. Plus, I can barely keep my 4-bedroom 3-bath house clean let alone a house with 5-bedrooms and 11-bathrooms, I would be cleaning all day every day. This might be a little TOO much house for me, but is it pretty to look at. Take a look for yourself and let me know if you get the 18th Century castle vibe too.

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