I want to be clear that I'm not judging. I just find it interesting that a new study says that Missouri has one of the highest smoking rates in America.

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Nice RX Health just shared these new numbers which show Missouri is a top 10 state for smokers with nearly 1 in 5 lighting it up at some point during the day. Notice that while Missouri is #9 in America for cigs, Iowa is way down the list at #22 and Illinois a distant #37.

Infographic, Nice RX Health
Infographic, Nice RX Health

The numbers get worse when you look at their data regarding smoking-related deaths where Missouri is #6 on the list you don't want to be on.

While this is a new data share, it's important to understand the methodology of how they come to these conclusions. Based on how they describe it, they pulled data from 2019 from a World Population Review ranking. So, it's recent data, but not exactly brand new. Not saying it's not valid. It's just important to know how these conclusions are being drawn.

To emphasize again, I'm not judging and I'm not your mama. What you do is up to you and yours. I do find it interesting that our part of America tends to embrace this lifestyle more than most states in the west. Is it the outdoor lifestyle that encourages someone to avoid smoking for activity/health-related preferences? I am not surprised that smoking seems to dominate in the south where tobacco production is the livelihood for many.

Check out the full study by Nice RX Health and draw your own conclusions.

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