There are new laws that are now on the books in Missouri that officially go into effect on August 28. Some involve money laundering while others deal with human trafficking, marijuana and victims of sexual assault. Here are 8 of them and some background of what they mean according to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

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The Missouri Highway Patrol issued a press release reminding residents of new laws that involve public safety. This is a summary of their summary of what these laws are and what they mean. NOTE: some go into effect at somewhat later dates. If so, that is specified:


Missouri Highway Patrol definition - "Currently, the offense of money laundering involves a currency transaction. This bill modifies the offense of money laundering to specify a financial transaction."

What does it really mean? It adds cryptocurrency and digital transactions into the potential offenses of money laundering.


Missouri Highway Patrol definition - "This bill establishes that the director of the Department of Health and Senior Services, if a licensed physician, may issue a statewide standing order, or contract with a licensed physician to issue such order, for an addiction mitigation medication, defined as properly administered naltrexone hydrochloride."

Nothing I can add to that other than what they said.


Missouri Highway Patrol definition - "Beginning January 1, 2024, this bill specifies that the Department of Revenue must establish a process for the voluntary suspension of motor vehicle registration for vehicles which are inoperable or being stored and not in operation."

The short answer is if you have a vehicle that is inoperable you have to go back through the process of proving its roadworthiness and your financial responsibility for it or face consequences. In short.


Missouri Highway Patrol definition - "Currently, all owners, officers, managers, contractors, employees, and other support staff of licensed or certified medical marijuana facilities must submit fingerprints to the Missouri State Highway Patrol for state and federal criminal background checks. This bill limits those individuals that must submit to such fingerprinting to employees, contractors, owners, and volunteers. "

Bottom line is if you work for a medical marijuana facility, the law now defines who is required (and who isn't) to get a background check with the state.


Missouri Highway Patrol definition - "Under current law, the city of Kansas City is required to provide one-fifth of its general revenue per fiscal year to fund the Kansas City Board of Police. This act increases such funding to one-fourth of the city's general revenue."

Translation? Kansas City now has to put more money toward law enforcement.


Missouri Highway Patrol definition - "Beginning January 1, 2023, the act authorizes substitute teachers that apply for a fingerprint background check the opportunity to submit the results to up to five different school districts for a specified fee...This act modifies a definition of "school bus" to include only vehicles designed for carrying more than 10 passengers, including the driver."

More or less self-explanatory. If you apply for a substitute teacher job, that background check can now go to up to 5 schools. The school bus bill is complicated so I'd recommend reading the full bill for details, but it repeals the requirements of having school bus permits for driver and vehicle for those who transports kids but do it in a vehicle that isn't a school bus.


This new law covers a wide gamut of issues from how law enforcement handles possible child victims of trafficking to names of sexual victims being withheld from public records. It also stipulates that someone involved in prostitution under the age of 18 will be listed as a victim and not as a prostitute. There are also new more severe punishments for providing sexual content to a student. There is also what amounts to a sexual assault survivor's bill of rights with numerous protections and provisions. This new law really needs to be read directly to fully understand all it constitutes.

Thanks to the Missouri Highway Patrol for passing along these new laws that go into effect on August 28 and some a little later.

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