This certainly isn't fun or entertaining, but it's good to know where those who have been convicted of sex offenses live compared to you. Thanks to the Missouri Highway Patrol, you can enter your address and a map will show you what neighbors you might want to be wary of.

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Some important things to note. First of all, I will not list any of the people that are included in this map. Second, it's also not legal to harass any individuals that the Missouri Highway Patrol lists on their registry. This is a tool the state law enforcement authorities provide so you know those who have committed these types of crimes in the past live in relation to your address. That's it.

For reference, I entered the former address of our radio station in downtown Hannibal and had the registry draw a map showing all the offenders within a 15 mile radius. The number of violators that appear is staggering.

Missouri Highway Patrol
Missouri Highway Patrol

The Missouri Highway Patrol shared some sad statistics about the number of people who have been victims of these types of crimes:

1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience some kind of sexual assault in their lifetime. Statistics also show that 67% of sexual assaults have victims under the age of 18...Almost two-thirds of all sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.

This is one of those sites you hope you don't have to access frequently. However, you deserve to know who lives near you and what they might be capable of.

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