It's a New Year, and you're probably making some New Year's resolutions. You should probably add some of these to the usual "quit smoking" and "get more exercise," since these are resolutions the state of Illinois is making. And by resolutions, I mean laws that go into effect.

I know you're probably thinking "Oh great, what is the state doing now to ruin my life?" Well... chill out. Stop whining. It's not all about YOU. Hell, 95% of these won't even apply to the average citizen like you. Unless you run a traveling circus with Asian and African elephants. Then yeah, that one will impact you. But you don't. I know you don't. Trust me, I'd know if there was someone in the immediate area with elephants. They aren't exactly subtle creatures.

Circus elephants saved by vodka
Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

Anyway, some of the laws that you have no real reason to complain about, but probably will anyway:

- SB 1342: Bans African and Asian elephants in circuses and traveling animal acts

- HB 243: Allows high schools to establish partnerships with local law enforcement to create police training academy job training programs; Requires ISAC to administer a scholarship program for students who have participated in such programs and have been accepted into one of the state's public universities.

- HB 512: Amends the Election Code to allow notice of public referenda to be up to 60 days prior, instead of 30.

- HB 2661: Allows an EMT or Paramedic to transport a police dog injured in the line of duty to a veterinary clinic if there aren't any people requiring medical attention or transport at that time.

- SB 646 - Creates a pilot program DCFS may implement meant to help get kids out of abusive homes

- SB 866 - Requires the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide returning veterans with informational resources on how to acquire service animals.


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