Palmyra Parks and Recreation announced a new Disc Golf course is on it's way!

2020 has been the year of frustrating and bad news, so whenever there is some exciting good news to report we are all over it! Well this time the good news is happening in the city of Palmyra, MO, where the Palmyra Parks and Recreation department has announced a new Disc Golf course.

According to the Palmyra Parks and Recreation Facebook page they are building a new 18 hole disc gold course in the beautiful Well Nature Park. They call it the "Orange Woods Disc Golf Course" and say simply that it is coming soon. Check out the post on their Facebook page by clicking here!

I for one love disc golf or as i call it frisbee golf or just frolf, so I couldn't be more excited about having a new course open up in the Tri-States! Now let me be clear I am not good at disc golf at all, just like real golf (I'm terrible at real golf too) disc golf is just a fun easy way to hang out with friends, get a little exercise in, and spend no money!

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