Just think, it was not that long ago that visitors planning a trip to Hannibal would have to rely on brochures or calls to the Convention and Visitor's Bureau to get an idea of what National Tom Sawyer Days is all about.  These days, if you want to know about National Tom Sawyer Days, all you have to do is do a quick YouTube search in order to see fence painting, frog jumping, mud volleyball, Tom and Becky, or a number of the annual activities involved with Hannibal's Fourth of July celebration. 

  • Fence Painting

    This video was shot in 2008. It's short and to the point, and shows you exactly what it takes to compete in the Fence Painting Contest.

  • Carnival - Sneak Peek

    We made this one for you. The carnival is going to be a little different in 2015, so we decided to go down during the setup to take a look.

  • National Tom Sawyer Days 2014

    KHQA did this story for last year's edition of National Tom Sawyer Days. They were able to get footage of events like the Frog Jump Contest and Tomboy Sawyer Contest, and get a local perspective on the festival.

  • Mud Volleyball

    Kids love to play in the mud. The Mud Volleyball Tournament has proved that adults like it, too. The tournament is being held for the 36th time in 2015!

  • Fourth of July Parade

    It wouldn't be the Fourth of July in Hannibal without the Fourth of July Parade. The Hannibal Courier-Post put together this wrap-up after the parade in 2008.

  • Tom and Becky

    One of the highlights of the year is the naming of the new Tom and Becky ambassadors. Here's the ceremony from last year, when John Maune and Riley Stevenson were named Hannibal's official Tom and Becky for 2014 - 2015.