For those of us that live in Missouri, we love everything that the land provides, especially its beauty. A new ranking came out and, for some reason, Missouri ranks pretty low on their list of the most beautiful states.

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Missouri has caves, mountains, state parks, trails, and big cities but that wasn't enough for the experts at Thrillist they places Missouri 41 out of 50 of the most beautiful states. Why? They say,

It's tough for Missouri—which borders five states that have already appeared in the bowels of this list—to distinguish itself. The great sprawling center of the state is a less agriculturally fatigued.

They do go on and say that Missouri is a FUN place to visit and live for its forest and river playgrounds. I know Missouri for us is the best state and I wish it was a little higher on the list because personally, I think it's one of the prettiest states. When I first moved here I didn't even know mIssouri existed, but living here most of my life I have seen a lot of the state and I can tell you it really is a picture-perfect state.

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Illinois is actually worse in the ranking. It lands at number 48 out of 50.

What are the top 5 Most beautiful states?

  • 5 - Colorado
  • 4- Utah
  • 3 - Alaska
  • 2 - Hawaii
  • 1 - California

I can't argue with their top 5 maybe next year when these experts rank the states Missouri will rank higher.

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