Some people thrive on looking for the most haunted place in America. Well, there is one Airbnb in St. Louis that might meet that challenge.

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Look, I'm all about testing limited, but there comes a point that if you're knowing staying at a place that is haunted whatever happens to you while you're there is ON YOU. Out of 14 of the most haunted Airbnb in the U.S. The Spooky Suite in Benton Park St. Louis ranks number eight.

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Starting at $71 a night, you can stay in this suite that was built in the 1890s by the same person who constructed the Lemp Mansion. Ya know, that most haunted place in Missouri. So, what can you expect to happen at Benton Park?

guests who’ve stayed in this studio-style apartment (once the maid’s quarters of the three-story brick home) have reported all kinds of paranormal activities like doors opening and lights turning on all by themselves, as well as the sound of people rattling around in the kitchen even when they believed the house was empty.

The house is beautiful inside and out, but guests have reported (to the owners) weird things happening during their stay. This is a three-story brick house with a second-floor apartment that was originally the maid's quarters.

See Inside the Most Haunted Airbnb in Missouri

Seems like the ghost encounters that have taken place were not harmful just a few doors opening and closing. As much as I like learning about ghosts and their past I think I am going to pass on this. I like my sleep too much and not being able to relax knowing that the place is haunted will give me so much anxiety I know I will not be able to sleep at all.

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